Saturday, May 12, 2007

Q and A

Dear Limited, Patience-strained Audience,

It seems I got nothin but shit to say, so on that note I'd like to field a couple questions.

-'Why do Norwegians eat so much flour and still don't seem to be particularly fat?'

Hey, glad you asked that. It's a subject I seem to be hearing a lot about lately. My gut tells me that the reason has to do with not being able to eat while hungover.

-'Are you a bad person?'


-'When my roommate cleans the apartment, she seems to focus primarily on gathering everything that's mine and putting it in front of my bedroom door. What's going on here?'

Your roommate is sending out a clear psychological message: 'I don't want you here.' She is, in effect, attempting to 'erase' you by 'erasing' the evidence of your presence. I don't know if this roommate is a friend of yours, but if she is she won't be one for long. Move. Now.

Feel free to send your questions to the Manor, and I'll answer them as succinctly as I can.
Keep analysing your dreams.

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