Saturday, May 12, 2007

Vitriol 101

Saw a book today, called '14,000 Things to be Happy About.'
Which led me to today's topic:
'14,000 Reasons to Go Get Fucked.'
What do you guys say we start this meeting?

#1) Because you're dumber than me.
#2) Because I had to buy a new DVD player after the breakup.
#3) Because my cat understands me better than you do.
#4) Because, whatever you might think, your kid is not 'special.'
#5) Because your dreams are not interesting to me.
#6) Because you will not sway me when you rant about your political viewpoints.
#7) Because you think having god on your side makes you righteous, when all it really does is
make you a jackass.
#8) Because you quit smoking and I didn't.
#9) Because you have a better car.
#10) Because you think Larry Niven is some kind of literary god, and I don't even know who the
fuck he is.
#11) Because you're Chuck Klosterman.

Okay, whew. I'm worn out now. Please feel free to add to this list.


Anonymous said...


Jege (Jen) said...

WTF anonymous?! Obviously you're not paying attention here.

Anonymous said...

Who was talking to jege?

Ronnie said...

Because Chuck Norris Can Kick Your ASS !!!

Anonymous said...

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